23 definitions by skippy

Butt mudding in a zip-lock bag, then stashing it in someones cookiejar.
Tonight we'll be duking it up at Janes party.
by skippy December 12, 2003
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a guitar company that makes sweet guitars and basses
by skippy October 01, 2003
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lap licker lesbians who engage in oral sex!
or in other words..... bush eater, carpet muncher, lickalotopus, fuzz bumpers, cod lickers
by skippy March 11, 2004
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a little beast who sucks and needs to bow down to megan like a tree to the wind.
why are you such a little ocelot, emu?
by skippy August 19, 2003
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when one shits on a chicken and makes his or her partner lick it off and feed it back through the butthole. This then causes a sexual stimulation with the parter who then will feast on the asshole of the chicken.
"the chicken surprise tasted so good last night I thought I was in heaven," quoted chris who was just leaving ryan's house.
by skippy June 06, 2004
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"Man, dat ho only 12 years old. If he gonna fuck that broad, hes goin in the slammer fo bein a chili mo'
by skippy June 07, 2003
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Temporary solution for all of lifes problems.
Eh lets go drink some beer after school and get drunk!!!
by skippy December 12, 2003
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