A synonym for Pedophile or Groomer that cannot be banned on social media.
Don't be a Disney like Jeffery Epstein.
by patriots.win April 4, 2022
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If they buy it, they ruin it.
Bob: Man Disney ruined Star Wars.

Jack: I hope Darth Disney doesn't get his hands on Looney Tunes.
by EpicScientician September 26, 2021
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A movie production company where they ran out of ideas so now they make live versions of animated films.
Wanda: Dude did you see the new Disney movie
Sam: Eh it was okay
by JustYourLocalHuman July 29, 2020
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A synonym for evil.
Disney makes millions by exploiting children and marketing terrible music.
by Psas2 May 6, 2010
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The Past- The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, and lots more with & without Pixar Animation. Gotta love hand-drawn!

The Present- EPIC FAIL, Hannah Craptana, The so-called "pure" Jonas Brothers, High School Musical (I can't wait until their fans get to high school) and many more crap that continues to come out of Disney's Mickey Mouse shaped ass.
by Doctologist August 10, 2008
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Animation company formed in the early 20th century by Walter Elias Disney (or D'Isney, in its origianal form). Produced Steamboat willie in 1928- the first full-length animated feature. Today, owns a mass of theme parks, media and toys. One of the richest companies in the world... probably.

Many of their features are now by-words for narcotics.
GUY: Yo, gimme some snow white...

Seller: Video or DVD?
by Gumba Gumba March 3, 2004
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Overused word, we get it. Disney made the movie. But that doesn't mean you can say the word "Disney" FOURTY-FIVE FUCKING TIMES.
I love Disney movies i love disney shows i love disney world i love disney countries i love disney planets i love disney universes i love disne-

by IntergalactalEnergy December 23, 2022
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