You're a nurse and had a long day working fulltime plus six emergencies. One patient's left leg was wrongly amputated (it should have been his left nose wing). You cried because you felt his disbelief. And then he proposed to you on his intact knee which turned out weird. Your colleague Julie gives you a lift home and confesses her love to you. She is a single mum and we all know what thats about so you hug her, kiss her cheeks and tell her she is beautiful and you ask her to endure these hardships for one day someone will notice her angelic struggle and honor her for that.
You get out of the car all tense and confused and open the door only to be greeted by at least 8 envelopes containing bills. Now you get a little sad and quiet and open the fridge to find that one consoler. Did Jim drink all the fucking beers?
After a quick shower you slowly enter sleepo mode and lay down. Your breathing wakes Jim, he turns around and hugs you from behind, his hands 3D-silhouetting your body lines. After squeezing your buttcheeks you notice Jim's coming to life and lust and you dismiss the idea of falling asleep. Your fat ass circles his cobra which now arrows for its target. This kind of playing along with his kisses all over your neck and back and heavy breathing gets you so damn hot, horny and wet. You cant wait any longer. But Jim, the fucking teaser that he is, keeps you craving that first shove. You turn around and suck him off, sucking and slurping like its your last day on earth. Before he cums you turn around again offering him your dripping behind. He finishes and falls asleep in you.
by Krkič April 23, 2019
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Something Dimitris G will say when he's frustrated.
Person 1: Ela re Dimitris G your skin is shiny like a lizard
Dimitris G: No, No, No...............You, You, You!!!
by Greek_Cypriot February 12, 2022
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nobody never knows you that way

sitting on heirlooms from far away
a dress that was sewn for motherly lives
moths have now eaten its pearly waste
nobody never knows you that way

falling in love is like falling in line
you think what you get back will ease the pain
a strange deal, unspoken, faces entwined
nobody never knows you that way

theres blood and monsters you've taught to hide
and if you behave they wont reappear
yearning for a fleshy way to speak
nobody never knows you that way

the moons and the suns have multiplied
you hear my plea "i'm safe now, i can"
so what keeps you from proving me wrong
"nobody never knows you that way"
You inspire me and always have.
I and I love you and you.
by Krkič August 20, 2019
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A rhetorical question asked, usually on social media, to embarrass them with any online content from their past if they ever contradict themselves or have a very unpopular opinion.
Jake: You’ll never catch me begging a girl to talk to me cause she belongs to the streets!

Ashley: This you? *shows screenshots of Jake proving otherwise*
by Papacrumpz July 31, 2020
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