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23 definitions by Skippy

A very artistic girl who Helps her friends all the time, Inside she is sad and is wanting someone to hold her late at night and to look at the stars with her. Kinda looking for something semi serious or serious.
Tenee cries tears of blood as she sits and wishes for a lover that loves her back.
by Skippy June 12, 2004
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this word (as my comrad 'dan' has stated) is generally used to exhibit mass amounts of chaos in local school busses, but it is also used to annoy sisters (also pronounced disder) or brothers (broder) and the optional parent. this word can also be followed up by the term haah (mah-haah all together). also as 'dan' has said (or rather typed) it is used by people on medications or mentally disturbed (i myself am both). mah haah can be used in every/any scentance at every/any time. mah haah has also been proven to be the most annoying sound ever created by man. mah haah can be a noun or a verb or an adjective ect. and can b a term of genious or retardation.
school bus:
bus driver:hello kids
bus driver:enough of that now children remember what happened last time

noun:yo, mah!
verb:i'll mah u up u piece o mah haah
adjective:dude thats mahing awsome!
ect. ect.

in the home:
mom:do ur homework
dad:do ur chores
disder:get out of my room
me:MAHH HAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!(while destroying room and being as evil as possible)
broder:(walking around the house)
me: (jumps on back) MAHHH HAHHHH!!!

mental hospital:
shrink:have u been taking ur medicine?
me:MAHHH HAHHHHHHHHH HAHHHHHHHH HAHHHHHHHHH MAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!(insanly running around in straight jacket bouncing up and down and rolling aroung on the ground)
by Skippy January 9, 2004
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Tinkerbell is when a guy hangs from a light fixture and jerks-off all over a girl, much like how tinkerbell spread her pixie dust all over wendy and the boys who went to never never land. This is usually preceded by a peter pan and sometimes followed by a Captain Hook.
I tinkerbelled on your mom more than a Disney movie.
by Skippy April 5, 2005
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when a woman or man is sucking on a male's penis and pulls to hard it comes out of it's socket in a "snip snap" motion
by Skippy June 6, 2004
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Common name for a preppy or fraternity guy.
Biff: Skip old boy, are you attending the Dartmouth v. Yale game saturday.
Skippy: I'm there bud.
by Skippy May 8, 2004
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Only the cutest horse ever known to man, er... horse-kind.
Whoa. You're like, nearly half as gorgeous as Skippy. Wait.. maybe not.
by Skippy December 16, 2004
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Butt mudding in a zip-lock bag, then stashing it in someones cookiejar.
Tonight we'll be duking it up at Janes party.
by Skippy December 12, 2003
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