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A whimsical, pure and incomprehensible beauty carried with elegance by wings and pixie dust. Along with her she brings tenacity, grace, serenity and sass.
I've never seen a beauty such as Tinkerbell's.
by Smartiipantss December 23, 2014
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Tinkerbell - also known as 'Tinks': A small, hyperactive girl who likes to play with the fairies. Fairies are a tinkerbell's best friend, these are the people she loves the most and so refers to as fairies...
Tinkerbell may be prone to dressing up as a fairy (tutu, wings, ballet shoes ets.) and giving out magical wishes.
ah ya know the ones. small, annoyingly energetic, bouncy, blonde, small, small...
by alice February 22, 2005
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a pixie type like fairy who at one point was simply a guide used by peterpan to travel from the neverland to the real world. disney has commercialized her and now she has become nothing but a lying cunt who lies to children about dreams coming true while presenting false hope. research has shown that such lies can greatly affect young children psychologically.
child: will i ever be able to walk?

tinkerbell: yes! yes! dreams CAN come true.

the world: bullshit...
by tubtito November 20, 2008
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May not always be what she seems. Beautiful, smart, trustworthy on the outside. But all that sparkly fairy dust she has just spreads chaos. Never a good friend, will act like she's there for you but she's got a knife ready in her hand. Beware, you might easily be fooled, then have your heart lashed out. Not all pretty fairies play nice; especially not this she-devil in disguise.
Kate: I can't believe she slept with my boyfriend! She set me up with him, she picked my outfit for our first date, she said I could tell her anything.
Marie: Shoulda listened when I warned you she was a Tinkerbell.
by Truthkillsslowly May 08, 2013
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The name of Paris Hilton's chiwahwah doggie.
woah did you see Tinkerbell just shit on Paris' Versace dress?

Now that's hot
by Rosefan June 22, 2005
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A Beautiful, Clueless Girl That Loves To Laugh, And Dance And Sing! Most People Think She Is A Slut, Beautiful Blue Eyes, Black or Blonde Hair,Loved By Her Friends.
by Shelbytinkerbells February 17, 2008
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