With blonde hair and a huge personality a Tinkerbell sweetest and more caring person, you can imagine. Tinkerbell is a person who brings joy where ever they go. Often time Tinkerbell gets jealous easily and tends to need a lot of attention. Tinkerbells are very loyal even if they don't have the right word to give advice, they are always there for you. They are beautiful inside and out and while people might be scared or freaked out of them at first glance, it is not long till they realize how amazing a Tinkerbell is. She is loud and crazy and sometimes obnoxious but you can't help to love them anyways.
Who is your best friend?
It's Tinkerbell, because she is the best.
by tormented-anguish February 4, 2021
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A whimsical, pure and incomprehensible beauty carried with elegance by wings and pixie dust. Along with her she brings tenacity, grace, serenity and sass.
I've never seen a beauty such as Tinkerbell's.
by Smartiipantss December 23, 2014
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Tinkerbell is a light weight who can easily get drunk off of a bottle of wine. They are usually people have a second personality that is hidden from the rest of the world in their sober state. Tinkerbells are usually laughed at by their flatmates and friends when their second personality appears.
by Flat 53 November 13, 2014
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May not always be what she seems. Beautiful, smart, trustworthy on the outside. But all that sparkly fairy dust she has just spreads chaos. Never a good friend, will act like she's there for you but she's got a knife ready in her hand. Beware, you might easily be fooled, then have your heart lashed out. Not all pretty fairies play nice; especially not this she-devil in disguise.
Kate: I can't believe she slept with my boyfriend! She set me up with him, she picked my outfit for our first date, she said I could tell her anything.
Marie: Shoulda listened when I warned you she was a Tinkerbell.
by Truthkillsslowly May 8, 2013
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When a girl sucks off a guy so that his dick is nice and wet (this can also be achieved by natural fucking). The guy then takes a bunch of pixie sticks (or sugar, or cocaine, anything to symbolize pixie-dust) and pours it down right between her tits. He then titty-fucks her so that all of the sugar gets on his dick and sticks. Then, the girl sucks all of the sugar off of his dick through the form of another sloppy blow job.
My girlfriend has one hell of a sweet tooth. She let me Tinkerbell her three times last night.
by Scrye March 12, 2009
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Tinkerbelling is when a pixie stick is poured into someones anus and is then eaten out buy another person. normally a female since tinkerbell was also a female. if the person receiving would pass gas creating a cloud of pixie dust, this would be referred to as "fairy dusting."
I had to wash my ass for an extra hour today.
My girlfriend tinkerbelled be me and sugar was stuck in my ass.

Last night i fairy dusted my girlfriend. it was an awkward breakfast.
by killf8ce November 20, 2009
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A term or alias used to describe the way somebody runs on the court.

This is usually done with your arms bent upwards and your hand sitting out while you run, just like little wings.

They can also can be called 'tinks' or 'tinkers'.
Benji: Hey dude, did you win basketball?
Craig: Nah man, we lost by 12 points.
Benji: Maybe it's because you run like a fucking fairy, Tinkerbell.
by benjiUØCH August 26, 2007
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