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After inhaling smoke, holding it for an extended period of time, so when you exhale only a little amount or no visible smoke comes out of your mouth/lungs.

Useful for smoking weed when you don't want other people to be able to smell it.
You smoke weed in your dorm room?

Yeah, but I just use a one hitter and ghost hit it and still blow it out the window with the fan facing outward and popping popcorn.
by qwerty1 April 23, 2006
Now, 1 in 10 of us. Previously, people that didn't want to work or that were going to get a job in 2 months.
I used to have a job but then everyone spent all their money plus 10 grand on credit cards and found out their house was worth half as much as it was 4 years ago and doesn't buy anything and/or got foreclosed on; now I don't have a job and am unemployed because I got laid off because "the economy is 'so bad'".
by qwerty1 July 12, 2009
State that is constantly called out in weird news reports. Most likely caused by people reinforcing their stereotypes of the state.
Where's our wacky Florida news?
-We're still looking.

In other news, where else but Florida; man dresses as alligator for court appearance only to.....

by qwerty1 April 12, 2006
What someone who had no idea about the question asked them would respond, that is if they were talking to Charlie, or mocking Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.
CHARLIE GIBSON: Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?
SARAH PALIN: In what respect Charlie?
by qwerty1 September 26, 2008
Vastly overused word.

Word used when you don't want to explain all the things someone said wrongly in excruciating detail and since you don't care you just say basically.
So, basically, you just go inside and basically just ask for the sale and that's basically it.

Person 1: How do I fill out this form? Just put my name on it and the hours worked?

Person 2: Basically.
by qwerty1 September 26, 2008
Simply to call someone on a phone.
From when the cost of a pay phone was 10 cents, or a dime. You dropped a dime in the phone to make a call.
-Why are you so late?
I was in traffic.
-Pshh, why didn't you drop a dime and let me know!
by qwerty1 August 30, 2007