Used as an expression to say that something is easy and should not take too Long to complete
Panda:This one 30 seconds no need to think just do! Y’all are 9sub class somemore!
Kaixiang: >__> 👌🏻
by GrandPriest October 10, 2018
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a he-move/she-move kind of situation
man (thinking): "oh am i in? I am in! Cool."
woman (thinking): "hes been in for 30 seconds. why is he not moving? can't wait anymore!!!"
by Krkič March 3, 2021
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pre-mature ejaculation.
when a guy only lasts for thirty seconds in bed, and the girl is left unsatisfied. Is also usually half-way up before having sex.
what? its only been 30 seconds?!

*I just did a luke and lasted 30 seconds*
by babemagnet101. September 15, 2010
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A member of a 2000`s rap bad that only last 30 seconds in bed
Guy1: I totally pulled a Chase Clark on Emily last night!
Guy2: So you lasted about 30 seconds?
Guy1: Yup.
by Da Anhilata and braD December 23, 2013
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"The 30 seconds" is a street game played by inner city residents of Pittsburgh, PA. The objective is to fight / try & knock each other out in under 30 seconds. Certain parts of Pittsburgh call it "the 10" or "the 20" which is the same rules but with less time.
Wassup wit "the 30 seconds" ike?
Silk we could get "the 20" right now.
G-bo ill run "the 10" wit you niggi.
by ShadyJuJu305 April 15, 2017
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An American rock band.

Line up: Jared Leto (lead singer, guitar)
Tomo Millicevic (guitar, keyboard)
Matt Wachter (bass)
Shannon Leto (drummer)

Released debut album 30 Seconds to Mars in 2002
Followed up with A Beautiful Lie in 2005

The band are just starting their first headlining tour across America.

Their fan base is known as the Echelon.

They have the coolest glyphs ever!
I've been rocking out to 30 Seconds to Mars all night!
by tastes_of_ink July 26, 2006
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A catchphrase preached almost religiously by a fucking bald knobjockey infront of a undeserving school audience.
"Okay guys. Premature ejacluation. 30 Seconds of Madness. (or pleasure) is all it takes. Just like when I'm in bed with my poor wife."
by 30secondsoflove August 16, 2007
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