A type of weed-smoking paraphernalia that traditionally refers to pipe that deliberately mimics the shape of a cigarette. In areas of the world where it is illegal to smoke weed, although weed is delicious and good for the high, it is wise to smoke out of a one hitter: if a cop sees you smokin' a one-hitter, he or she will just think it's a ciggey. Haw! You can fool 'em!

One hitters are also used by the stingy, frugal, or used to control how much of their stash friends or weed needin' acquaintances get to smoke. This is related to the custom that accompanies smoking a one-hitter: all the weed that is rammed into the pipe is smoked 'to the head' or by the individual, him or herself, who is handed the green tipped ciggie-chameleon.

A one-hitter is also referred to as a 'oney'.
A: Yo, you fuckin' kiddin? This is South Korea!
B: Don't even worry about it. Doan even weerry bout it...
A: Man, I'm scared as shit. If I get busted they gonna yank my passport; my student loans!
B: Shit, don't trip. This be a one hitter.
A: Oh.... cool. You dreamy!

A: Yo finish that shit, bitch!
B: Naw, man, I'm...
high as a fart-cloud

flyin in the night.
A: Fool that's a one-hitter. Put that in your head!
B: Aight.

A: Hey, let me get another one of those.
B: Sorry, bro. That's a 'one' hitter. That's all you get.
A: But I ain't even faded. Come on gimme another one.
B: Sorry man; I got all these scavengers up in my mutha fuckin piece... Why don't you buy a sack?

A: What's up with this cigarette? Feels hard as shit. Whatever...
B: (15 min. later). Oh shit, what happened to Mikey?
C: Oh no, he musta thought this oney was a cancer stick.
A: (Hazily) Guys! Take me to the emergency room. I think ahmina have a heart-attack.

B: Poofta!
by Che Boludo March 6, 2010
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when you get hit so hard that your knees buckle and you look like a punk cause you cant take a hit
man did you see Chester put that one hitter on Onye at the club. Onye got knocked the F... out!!!!!!!
by 680 KM August 9, 2005
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A small pipe with a bowl large enough for one really good hit of marijuana. One-hitters are almost always identical to cigarettes in shape and size, and are usually painted to resemble them as well. They are very good for smoking weed discreetly in public. One-hitters often come with a box called a dugout, with one compartment for storing your bud and a smaller one for storing the pipe.
My one-hitter is the only pipe I use.
by Zolotros February 9, 2010
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A device made for people who cannot roll a joint.
Can I borrow your one hitter cause im all out of papers
by PDESIL April 21, 2010
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A Sneak-a-tokers tool. A Fakie. A Bat. One-hizzle, pizzle, fakie, bat, one hitter, one, hitter, sneak-a-toke, where's the food at?,one-hiter, won-hit her, juan hit her, Whurr's the queso?
Mary passed by Jane and said, "High, can I bum a smoke?". Jane replied, "its a one-hitter". "What do you mean," asked Mary. "It's fake you noob" replied Jane as she turned in disgust and walked away to find some queso.
by Clause May 25, 2006
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*one hit knockout punch
*bomb weed that effs you up after one hit
*1. a chick you have no intention of seeing after boinking them for the first time. 2. Someone you dont take home to mom. 3.One night stand
-Amanda over there, im gonna one hitter quitter that hoe!

- Bitch, you aint nothin but a one hitter quitter.
by ghettoprincess562 July 6, 2015
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