Let me describe the USA (the country I live in) from an unbiased viewpoint. Yes, many of us are ignorant, stupid, lazy, and racist. Yes, our government and job market is shit. Much of the accusations are true. However, as an American, I don't appreciate predominantly European people generalizing everybody in my country. I am ashamed at many of the things my countrymen have done throughout history, but it is also a country of equality, where anybody can make something of themself if they work hard enough. Home to some of the greatest musicians, inventors, and scientists of all time. And not to be an ignorant American, but we did help greatly in World War Two. Trying to "hog some glory"? More like winning essential battles, including Normandy (perhaps the most important battle of WWII) with the help of the British and Canadians, of course. Even though Europe was in an enormous state of turmoil, and we helped the Allies greatly, they cannot show gratitude, they can only judge us even more. And let me be perhaps the first in a long while to say: France, thank you for your tremendous help during the Revolution, we wouldn't have won it without you. I write this with the utmost respect for European countries, please respect us a little more, and don't just recognize the bad things about the USA, but the good things as well, as I do.
Englishman: The United States of America is full of ignorant, fat assholes!

Americans: Our country is the best and the Europeans are pessimistic retards!

See? Every country is full of ignorant, moronic people! Find the good in each country and their people, and acknowledge the bad, but don't generalize and discriminate.
by Beatlesman September 30, 2011
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The World's Scapegoat.

America's a pretty big place, and its full of all different kinds of people everywhere you go.

We're just a bunch of normal people living in a counrty with a messed up reputation and a mighty big spotlight for a mighty small man.
People will be people, wherever they live.
by wysiwyg August 13, 2004
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Canada's best friend. Who can kick some serious ass. Who has delicious foods, sexy women and is stereotyped. Like really, c'mon guys every country has their asses, not all Americans are stupid, dumb or mean. There is some pretty decent people in that country. And thats coming from a Canadian!
Tim: United States of America sucks.
Hortons: Tim your a dumb-ass, USA rocks!
by CANADIAN PRIDE April 3, 2010
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a thing nerds attack on urban dictionary. gimme a thumbs down, but you know it!!!
Felipe- I typed united states of america on urbadictionary and there's mad trolling.

Reggie- just nerds under the age of 16 who have nothing better to do.
by gabedog January 12, 2010
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A company with a poor Better Business Bureau rating that is jointly owned by small enclaves of hyperproductive accelerationist demonic billionaires, whose main product is Democracy™.

United States of America's business interests include establishing a unipolar global hegemony, where all of their institutions and values have been forcefully integrated into every corner of the planet so that they may better monetize the global population.

To facilitate these business interests they:

- Wage endless war for 228 of the 246 years they've existed, destabilizing entire regions so that they can buy up their infrastructures for pennies on the dollar - all while playing both sides the entire time.

- Overthrow democratically elected governments, infringe upon human rights, and undermine personal liberties.

- Maintain a permanent underclass of employees through the profiteering of disaster capitalism and complete control of policymaking, ensuring the employees who produce the most profit are at their best when material conditions for everyone else are at their lowest.

- Perpetuate and deploy meaningless two-sided ideological systems that neither resolve conflict or respond to crisis, convince regular employees that they are involved in company decisions through their engagement and discussion of them, and observe as they rip each other apart.

- Kill a lot of people and make employees pay for it.
"Man, we have a lot of oil and poppy farms here I sure hope the United States of America doesn-"
* Gets bombed by some dude on the other side of the planet with an Xbox controller *

" Man my leader wants to take us off the petrodollar and drastically increase our standard of living. I sure hope the United States of Amer-"
* Leader gets assassinated, proxy government established, shopping malls built*

"Wow a bunch of Saudis attacked the United States of America, good thing I live in Iraq"

*Country invaded, leader overthrown and executed, tons of innocent civilians murdered.*
by fragi1e December 8, 2022
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Thumbs down, Thumbs up, or whatever you want, but at leat hear me out first.----------

The country located between Mexico (to the south) and Canada (to the north).

Most people hate the USA for being imperfect, but they fail to see the TRUE America

1) Not everyone here is an obnoxious prick. There are some acctually informed and nice people here, as well as assholes, just like in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY.

2) Of course we are proud to be American, but that doesn't mean we are arrogant. If you are not proud of your country, then why do you live there?

3)Not every American is diebetic and fat, so shut the fuck up.

4)Yea, we know that some countries dislike us, we also know that we have allies as well. And we DO know that there are other countries that exist beyond the USA. Were not as retarded as you think.

5)We know our government is not perfect

6) Unfortunately, most people judge us before they even know us

Now before you get upset, im not saying there os no country that understands the USA
The United States of America is home to the largest Naval Base in the world, in Norfolk, Virginia. And also the oldest constitutuion that is still in effet today.

Most Non-Americans: Say, are you American?

Non-Ignorant American: Yes.

Most Non-Americans: I can smell the arrogance and hamburgers on you from here! Get away from me----

American: I honestly have no response to that :|

***I am proud to be american, as you are proud to be whatever nationality you come from.
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(1) A nation that has received so much crap from other people around the world for being imperfect.

(2) A nation that has adopted indigent children from countries all around the world called immigrants who sought a haven from their home countries for various reasons including economic opportunity that the home country could not convey.

(3) A nation that is so quickly (and wrongly) criticized due to a very small minority of so-called "patriots" consisting of imbeciles arrogant enough to believe they speak for 300,000,000 people and ignorant enough to spread the stereotypes of Americans.
European: "Man, the United States of America sucks!"
Canadian: "I know right?"

American: "Ignorant prick..."
by flipoccino June 22, 2010
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