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First black President of the United States. Was elected primarily because he is a good speaker, regardless of the lack of merit of the ideas he proposed. Obama is fundamentally incompetent, but beloved by the majority of the black community for the simple fact that he is black. Interestingly enough, and against all Democratic Party ideals, Barack Obama is also a chain smoker. Go figure.

Obama is also believed by many to be the antichrist, though this author thinks that that suggestion lacks merit.
Obamacare, an exercise in socialism and ultimate futility, is an excellent example of Barack Obama's general incompetence.
by NAQ--the IQ July 28, 2010
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The newest, worst disaster to hit the United States. Not to mention the DARKEST storm to impose over several billion dollars worth of property, taxes, and faith for the country! Refuses to subside and desires to continue rolling through the country producing fail stones, heavy pain, Blunder and frightening to ground American citizens, and tornadoes that take away not only your house, but your money.

Because of this, this was adapted into a new term to describe a hurricane.
We had to evacuate from our home because we knew Barack Obama was approaching our town.
by LeTomTornados June 29, 2012
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The 44th President of the United States
And the biggest liar since President Clinton
A communist Socialist Nazi that will end up making the U.S. a third world country
usualy used at the end of a conversation to describe the things dogs leave behind
Joe: Oh man I just stepped in a Barack Obama
by Conservative Anarchist September 02, 2009
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Facist, new world order supporter and distraction to the american people by false pre-election promises and anti human rights legislation.
introducing a new world order, police state, fema camp legislation, anti human rights supporter, conscription to war for 18- 25's, see for the facts if you dont beleive, barack obama is a liar and an anti humanitarian like some would think
by Daddy Dares August 13, 2010
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The first black president, praised by some as the best president ever and demonized as the worst president to be in control. Overall a really chill guy who tried to do his best for America.
1. Barack Obama was a bomb-ass president while he was in office.
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by Sunbeam Red July 21, 2017
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