The worst fucking dbz dub of all time.
Ughh, big green dead?
by Memeicide January 2, 2022
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Used to describe mainland China or an individual who originated from mainland China.
A new student named Huang Chi Li at my school is a big green.
by 0780234 August 15, 2009
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How you could call 1 dollar in the past. 70/80s
All they had was 3 big greens, just enough for 3 iced creams.
by demonions September 15, 2017
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a big turd that is green and swirly like ice cream and seems like diapers
Rex: where did you go?
Brian: i went to the bathroom and laid a big green
Rex: fucking ew
by Zoelinda June 17, 2008
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Something that you will eventually get and continue to get once you become a Marine. Getting the "big green weenie" may include such fine events as: getting fucked with duty on a particularly important weekend, getting in trouble for some small petty shit while being in garrison, getting stationed at a shithole like 29 Dumps.
The "big" represents the big bad Marine Corps picking on the little guy, the Marine. The "green" represents the true color of the Corps. The "weenie" represents getting fucked over.
LCpl Hooligan: What I got duty again?! Dude Im getting fucked in the ass by the big green weenie!

LCpl Didlysquat: Fa sho.
by DvaPac November 22, 2007
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When you are in the Marine Corps and your boss fucks you over big time, making it feel like you have the Marine Corp's Big Green Weenie right up your ass hole with no anal ease even offered.
Andy: I can't believe we have to work for the fifth Saturday in a row.

JR: I know we are definitey getting reamed with the ol big green weenie again.
by salty pirate January 21, 2007
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