what you say when you have a major loss or there's no way of getting something back

for example
when you take a girl out on a date, and in return get no pussy, resulting in the loss of your human property
i tried stickin my shit in her ass but that shit was strait FORECLOSED nigga
by DonGodaccino December 30, 2009
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During masturbation, for an uncircumcised man to roll up the foreskin immediately prior to ejaculation so that the semen is contained and can be dealt with at another location without making a mess.
cool_guy998: shit i just got jizz all over my keyboard
theresthebeef: you shoulda foreclosed
cool_guy998: fuck you im circumcised
theresthebeef: sucks to be you
cool_guy998: shit shit shit this is my mom's computer shit
by anunamouse June 22, 2010
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