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dude, there's...spittle...on your chin while you were talkin to that chick.
by nappyafrochik April 23, 2003
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a "spittle" is something that occurs when you are within striking distance of a small amount of saliva that always tends to have a trajectory of landing on the person you are talking too's face.
i was talking to lisa and a spittle flew out of my mouth and landed on her nose.
by SOULoutrageous November 19, 2009
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Spittle is to automatically respond to your friend (s) before they even ask the question, since you already know what your friends are going to ask.
Example: I already spittle the location to Shannon because there are so many McDonald's in our state.
by WindowSeatGirl October 26, 2014
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To spit semen that was previously ejaculated into ones mouth onto their partners; usually on the face.
After Joe ejaculated in Susan's mouth she spittled all over his face.
by Corey Curtis September 22, 2007
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Sunflower seeds or any kind of snack you spit out as a way of eating it.
We can buy some spittles at the corner store, they're two for a dollar.

I like the ranch flavored spittles better than the regular
by felix106 January 31, 2008
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noun, see also perfect and friend shitter onner to hang out with girlfriend: also known as golden boy, a spittle could commonly be found laying around on his couch, or buying V-necks at the nearest H&M.
Oh my god! Look at that fuckin' SPittle over there! What a fuckin douche bag!
by Lynn Crum November 16, 2007
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