dude, there's...spittle...on your chin while you were talkin to that chick.
by nappyafrochik April 24, 2003
your house or place of residence
yo shorty just called the spittle
by dutch October 9, 2003
when someone on acid backwashes in your drink.
(On lsd) Dude dont spittle in my drink.
by jtizzle420 December 27, 2008
When you are talking to someone and drool collects in the corners of the mouth, causing it to either be sucked back in awkwardly or result in "say it don't spray it"
I was talking to that hot chick, And i was nervous and talking kinda fast. I was spittling so bad.
by Mandifer December 9, 2014


1. The act of being seduced and congregated by a lanky skinny mongo of a maths teacher and then getting shagged in the maths cupboard.
1. Person A: Wow, that maths teacher fit as fuck.
Person B: Watch out you may get spittled.
by XxxgayxxX June 21, 2019
a "spittle" is something that occurs when you are within striking distance of a small amount of saliva that always tends to have a trajectory of landing on the person you are talking too's face.
i was talking to lisa and a spittle flew out of my mouth and landed on her nose.
by SOULoutrageous November 19, 2009
A splatted skittle
Collins: its a spittle
Devan: yeah its pretty messed up
by Collins Key-Lover April 17, 2019