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To thrust the penis between a women's preferably large breasts and ejaculate on her chest and/or face.
I would like to titty fuck that stanky ass hoe.
by Patrick February 12, 2003

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The highest point of pleasure while having sex.

Something along those lines
by Patrick April 04, 2005

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(verb, oftenly used with "out") - To decide not to go at the last second; To "ditch" or "bail out."
"You said we were gonna go see the movie! Don't change your mind and flake out!"

"Damn, it's been an hour since we were supposed to meet. I bet she just flaked out on me."
by Patrick March 18, 2003

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a forty thousand dollar bar tab
i cant wait to go to cheers
by patrick April 16, 2005

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When a girl is giving you head, you bust in her eye and then kick her in the shins so she hops around with one eye open
When she was done sucking my pang gave her a dirty pirate.
by patrick March 10, 2004

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Causes Pleasure and Anger. The pleasurable part is pre-ejaculation. The Anger part is post-ejaculation. This is the part where the man becomes mad at himself for wasting 30 minutes of his time. The world suddenly becomes clear and the chemical imbalance is one again balanced. Too bad no man learns this lesson and history repeats itself.
I had a great time jacking off, up until the end.
by Patrick April 23, 2008

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When You Suck A Man's Dick
Slob On My Knob, Like Corn On The Cobb, Check In With Me, And Do You Job.
by Patrick February 13, 2005

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