1)n. a popular video game character, starring in all "metroid" games, including "prime, echoes, and echoes 2". Earlier games left players wondering what this warriors gender was, but it is now apparent that samus is a female.
2)n. (slang), a term coinned by a few guys, that after playing the first Smash Brother's video game for N64, realized that once shot by a "ray gun" appeared naked on the screen. The name "samus" has since been used to describe several sexual implements used for gratification, including a pickle covered in foil, a big fluffy stuffed bunny w/ pleasure hole, a clown doll, and also used as a joke in referance to hot video game characters.
Guy 1:Rytas!!!! You queer, you banged Samus HOW many times?!?!?

Guy 2:Ummmm..... I couldn't resist, she's so much fun!

Guy 1:Dude, its a stuffed animal, go get a real chick!
by Fire Arr0w22 May 16, 2007
An extremely sexy girl from the video game series 'Metroid'. I've never played the game, but once I saw Samus, I figured I should get the game, for, you know, the action... Every night I- er... umm... many people masturbate to her picture, just turn safesearch OFF on google images and look up 'samus porn' you'll be happy you did!
guy1: Man, at the end of Metroid Prime Trilogy when Samus took off her armor, I blew on my face!
guy2: Find naked pictures of her on google, and you'll shoot across the entire room!!!
guy2's girlfriend: What's this stuff on the wall?
guy2: Hey, did you do something with your hair? It looks great!
by A7X forever August 25, 2010
Another name for a confused and clueless person or animal. Not all there most of the time and if you shout their name very loud they get very excited and will either pee or poo themselves
John: Hey you samus over there. Come here
Kevin: Wait what? Whos that?
John: Samus hey come here
Kevin: Whats going on?
by Jryan3ten July 13, 2009
Best damn video game character in one of the best damn video game series. Samus was the first female hero in a video game, and can kick some serious amounts of ass. She is infused with Chozo blood, and is equipped with a power suit developed by the Chozo race. It's technology is far beyond ours and even the Space Pirates. Her past is very mysterious.
Is known to have defeated the Mother Brain and her empire.
She also works for the Galactic Federation, and will be appearing next month in the upcoming game, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
Full Name: Samus Aran
by Drakor October 9, 2004
Nintendo's most sexualised character in fan-fiction
Deviantart is full of sexy Samus pics
by proto craft January 3, 2016
Sheila is so samus!
by J Mo January 31, 2003