Angelina Jolie is simply said, perfection. But there is nothing simple about this goddess that walks the earth. From her stunning lips to her amazing body, she represents perfection as a human being. She received international stardom for her roles in the Tomb Raider movies and rightly so. She has somewhat accelerated her movie career whilst caring for her adopted children and the child she has with Brad Pitt (luckiest man in the world).
"Wow, that was perfection, just like Angelina Jolie."

"This movie needed more Angelina Jolie."

"Angelina Jolie - 'nuff said."
by The Great Kraken August 22, 2007
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The reason why we men get morning wood and random boners. Even if we haven't seen her, read about her or ever heard about her.

Yep, she's that good.

Also, she would be a nice avatar for God.
Angelina Jolie. What else can you say?
by JcDent May 28, 2007
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She is the most beautiful woman alive. Her best work as an actress may have been as "Lisa" in "Girl, Interrupted" and "Gia" as the title character. She should also be noted for her dedication to philanthropic work, even going so far as to adopt children from impoverished countries.
She is also Brad Pitt's new lover, which is a definite step up from his former one. Her one flaw may be her marked lack of derriere, but I suppose that can be overlooked in favor or her other attributes.
It's just not fair that Angelina Jolie gets to be so beautiful.
by Beatrix Kiddo July 20, 2006
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an incredibly talented, sexy, hot actress/mother/UN Ambassador/community worker person/whatever the hell else she does...

i am a straight female and i would do her. she is that hot.
Straight Teenage Boy: i cant hang out tonight coz im gonna watch Original Sin tonight so i can see Angelina Jolie naked.

Straight Teenage Girl: Awesome! can i watch with you???
by Windy City Hottie June 25, 2006
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A perfect person, this word can be an adjective as well as a noun. When used as an adjective this word should only be used when describing a female's looks. Angelina Jolie herself is a perfect woman, with absolutely NO flaws whatsoever. Anyone who doubts this is false.
That women is angelina jolie. (adjective)
Angelina Jolie is so hot. (Noun, the person herself)
by Mico March 21, 2005
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Sensuality personified with a mysterious demeanor that makes her magnetic.
So many would condemn her and yet not have walked a day in her any of us feel so above it all to do that???
Beauty being in the eye of the beholder...I behold a uniqueness, a complexity that is enigmatic and utterly captivating.
Someone with whom I'd find interest in her deeper thought processes and yet enjoy just hanging out with...just to see what she might do or say next???
...and her best quality, for all of those who are so very judgmental.
She doesn't give a damn what you think...and that is truly a beautiful thing.
You go girl...and congrats to you, Zahara is beautiful!!!
Sara: Some humanitarian who helps the masses but tears so many loving homes apart.....evil in disguise.

Me: Quit being such a f!@#ing drama queen and get over yourself...Angelina Jolie doesn't give a damn what you think and neither does most of the free world.
by BohemianEarthMother August 4, 2005
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A woman you will never have sex with
Joe: "Oh shit dude, Angelina Jolie is so fucking hot! I'd tap that in a second."
John: "But you never, ever, ever will, Joe. Ever. In fact, by the time you're old enough to even remotely have a shot, she'll no longer be hot. The very fabric of spacetime is stopping you from tapping that ass."
by Bigkahkistan October 13, 2008
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