Used sarcastically in place of "Good Job". Esp. in the gaming community.
Player 1: Is friendly fire on?
Wolverine X: Did your nade blow up half your own team? Good game you noob.
by Wolverine X April 29, 2005
V. The act of slapping one on the ass and proclaiming "Good game."
I can't believe Mateo just good gamed that cop.
by Jeff Brooks September 8, 2005
The quality of the breasts, this may refer to the pert or shape. Not just the typical large mammory glands.
That petite lady has really "good game"... they resemble two grapefruits tied in a napkin!?
by Beavis the Viking March 3, 2008
Any game that is not fortnite
Don't you just love a Saturday night chilling with friends playing a good game, that is not fortnite?
by Pakistan man May 5, 2020
The act of viciously slapping someone on the rear, must be called out beforehand with "good game" much like the ball tag , cooter cudgel , or abortion punch . Can result in Ass Elbow
Nolan: OWWW! I think you popped one of my hemorrhoids.
by Dick McFeely February 25, 2005
The mutual agreement that the currenct conversation has reached it's maximum level of awkwardness and should be terminated immediately.
Tom - Hey man hows your mom?!
Jim - My parents recently died in a fiery plane crash.
Tom - Riiight...
Jim - Good Game
Tom - Good Game indeed
by OfficialBGTD January 6, 2012
A game in which there is hand to ass contact in a surprise manner.
Renn: “Good Game!”
Micheal: “Ouch! What the... oh”
by Amandaaa.clarkk August 18, 2019