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ipod is a kind of mp3 player,very popular and expensive,has a nice design.It is very small,so it fits in pockets,but it scratches easily.Many people argue about it,but the ipod is just a mp3 player,not stupid,douchy,not the best thing in the world,just a mp3 player.
Idiot:Ipods suck!!!They are expensive and evil!!!

Idiot 2:Noooooo! Ipods are awesome,they are the meaning of life!

Me:To think that they are talking about a mp3 player......
by foursouls1 May 12, 2009
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A rectangle that holds music, videos, or photos. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the Anti-Christ or the cause of the downfall of Western civilization. I purchased one so I can have my entire CD collection in the palm of my hand, not so I can say OMGZ LoOk At My Nu iPoD!!11
I bought an iPod to play music on.
by Lot 9 Adam December 27, 2006
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A misspelling of Apple's range of portable iPod media players.
Dave: Hey, can I listen to your i-pod?
Tim: It's iPod, dude.
by orismology April 20, 2010
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Provided by the company Apple, it lets you play songs in the version of a mp3 music format. It also lets you play videos and movies, as well as let you view photos. You can add contacts to your iPod, notes, and can play various games. You can download more stuff at the iTunes store. iPods have a variety of colors and types, all differences by gigabytes and size.
I think I'm lucky to have a 8GB iPod Nano.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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A popular, high capacity mp3 player developed by Apple, reviled by many users of Urban Dictionary as a loathsome object of inexaustible hatred. Despite being nothing more
than a fairly expensive music player, the Ipod appears to have fomented a vicious social conflict unseen since the French Revolution.
Husband: "Honey, I bought you an Ipod for Christmas!"
Wife: "An Ipod!" "You Goddamn prick, I want a divorce."
by damon666666666 May 07, 2006
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dude, my mom has an ipod , my sister has an ipod mini, my aunt and my cousin has an ipod nano, I have an iRiver.
by Ben Fong October 23, 2006
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One of the most popular mp3 players in (at least) the USA. Despite all the people here who try to diss it, and I daresay I find it hilarious to read :D

- You can choose the size based on what you have in your computer (I got 8GB, 500+ songs already on it and I can store my whole CD collection)
- VERY portable
- Relatively durable if used properly
- Easy-to-use interface (contrary to popular opinion, if it is an mp3, you can use it. Not that BS about nazi-style monopoly and m4p crap)
- Did I say popular?

To all the pri-... I mean people who complain about being seen with the white earbuds (which are pretty decent on their own), try this:

1. Plug your ears in with buds but do not connect to iPod
2. Arrange it so that the cord runs down the BACK of your shirt. This is a critical step in making the view angle-proof
3. Wear a hoodshirt. Also, if applicable, wear a cap as well over the earbuds.
4. NOW plug into your iPod in your pocket. The hood covers all remaining angles and you can now tune away w/o fearing getting caught :D
iPod nano costs approx. $149 in 8 colors at most shops. The 9th is purchaseable @ Apple
by Sean Skyhawk December 02, 2008
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