Used at the end of sentences to humorfy them slightly.
I brushed my teeth... with a knife!
I greeted my Aunt... with a knife!
I went to the library... with a knife!
Jesus brought hope... with a knife!
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 15, 2003
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Great tool primarily used for cutting flesh and plant tissue. It's use has gone down since the invention of the gun.
Get me the knife, I need to see my ex.
by Iamawesomedog March 31, 2018
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A verb most commonly heard in online FPS (First-Person Shooters.) It is the act of stabbing another player or person with a knife and thus killing them instantly.
Guy:Damn, some noob came up behind me and knifed me.
by Alex the Chao September 6, 2009
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1) An object with a blade, primarily used for cutting.

2) To stab someone with a knife.
"I'm going to knife you if you touch my bitch again."
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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A Small Sharp blade that is used for cutting things. Can change the tide of battle.
Big Muscular dude:Im gonna beat you up!
Guy with Knife:Im gonna stab you.
Big Muscular Dude:Hey man, no hard feelings, I was just kidding.
by Bolter!! January 15, 2007
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A term that falls under the umbrella term of Red Zebra. Anyone who uses this term in the context of Red Zebra, is conveying how pissed they are with a specific person.
Person 1: Are you ok?
Person 2: Red Zebra, Knife.
Person 1: What? Why?
Person 2: Brian pissed in my cheerios!
by 70RedZebra's March 1, 2022
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