A game where people add or use the phrase "In my pants" as a supplement or to replace part of a sentence. This should not be done in a conversational group of sentences, because it is just plain stupid. You should use movie or song names, common phrases, lines from songs, or well known quotes. The object is only to make each other laugh. Be creative. Can also be done with the words "between the sheets".
A: "Spice up your life" in my pants
B: Haha! "Welcome to the jungle" in my pants.
C: How about... "10 things I hate about you" in my pants.
by The Tox October 23, 2005
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A: Dude, did you see the length of that foot-long stick
B:In my pants!!


A:Check out this huge mag-lite i got.
B: I 've got a huge mag-lite...in my pants!!!!
by Badass May 6, 2003
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an indication that something erotic is going on in your pants.
Teacher: Put your blazers on, it's not over 25 degrees.
Pat: Oh, it's over 25 degrees alright... IN MY PANTS!
by esspat October 24, 2003
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An immature term, in which you say when your in an odd period of time.

Or you can begin with "your mom"
A:Please remain seated while the bus is in motion
B:Please remain seated while your mom is in motion, in my pants.
by Jeff Wright November 4, 2003
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A term invented by the great gordo its the new "thats what she said
Person 1:its pretty hard
Person 2: haha thats what she said
Person 3: yeah in my pants
by Mark Wilson Jr February 13, 2010
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A vocal game invented by... er, sorry. I sort of forgot. But its played by ending everthing you say with the words "In My Pants". When a person playing the game fails to do this, said person is then punished physically and severely (ex.- caning, ass-whupin', socked in da' gut, etc). The game ends when the time limit (if any is agreed upon) is over. ... Or just when everone gets tired of it.
Kid #1: Hey, how's it going "In My Pants"?
Kid #2: Pretty shitty "In My Pants".
Kid #3: That sucks "In My Pants".
Kid #4: ... This is pretty stupid.
Kid #1-3: GET HIM!!!
by Supermanchild January 3, 2004
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1. When someone says something you don't like or think is stupid, you add this phrase on the end.
John: I can bench 200 pounds. I'm so strong.
Chris: I have your 200 pounds in my pants.
by Chris Geisert November 28, 2007
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