93 definition by mikey

A dirty, dumbass piece of shit whom everyone pees on.
Saddam Hussein is the pizzant of the world.
by Mikey April 12, 2003

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Condition Zero League

A small league of gamers based on the counter-strike condition zero modification of the popular half-life game. Run by a 15 year old kid out of Canada who has a complete misconception as to how the world works and has stolen most all of his ideas from CAL. One of the most poorly run leagues in all of E-Sports and a complete compliment to the way GameSurge is run.
Any poorly run sports league in existance, except worse.
by Mikey April 07, 2005

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The process of making bucked teeth and digging the frontmost pair into male anus.
I fancied a felch from Bobby, but instead he gave me a buxx job.
by Mikey December 28, 2003

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a name used by ragae singers to degrade fags
"you are the bati man"---Sublime
by Mikey October 16, 2003

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A vagina with a small penis inside.
Will you suck my fannynob?
by Mikey March 26, 2004

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A symbol that represents hardcore headbangers! Also used in Nazi Germany but doesn't mean you're racist! But I Am
Hey dudes I'm wearing Death's Head, "Cool Mikey, Heil Hitler!".
by Mikey March 12, 2005

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(I know this from experience)
Mikey: Yeah, we broke up.
Dad: Don't worry about it, there's plenty more fish in the sea.
Mikey: Yeah 52% of the world is ladies.
Dad: Well son, now that you've tasted the "forbidden fruit" you'll be chasing your cock for the rest of your life.

*True story*
by Mikey July 23, 2004

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