This is an alternate usage of the word purpose. It is often said by school pupils to describe something as being run of the mill or average.
Today was a purpose day at school.
That lesson was purpose.
by Feltch McFlop March 27, 2009
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The title of that horrible Justin Bieber album that just came out. Seriously what the crap happened to him. All tattooed to make himself look like a nigga. Trying to wear the badass look, but fails miserably.
Bieber Fan: "Imma going to get that new Purpose album!"
Me: "F*** You Retard!"
by AnonymousDictionarist February 01, 2016
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"The beginning of purpose is found in creating something only you understand." - Tyler Joseph
"A kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me, okay friend?"

(In which something happened to him that involves a kitchen sink, so therefore that sprouts a purpose for him.)
by .vexation. November 14, 2018
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