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a tatto...
Joe the tattoo-artist: What kinda ink do you want?
Suzy: The words 'and now a few words from our sponser' on my inner right thigh, and the words 'we're back' on my left thigh.
Joe the tattoo-artist: That's an odd tattoo. Why do you want that?
Suzy: So my husband has something to snack on during the football commercials.

Yeah it's a crappy joke, fuck you
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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"Now,he`s getting a tattoo,yea,
He`s getting ink done,
He asked for a 13,
But they drew a 31".
"The Offspring",
"Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)".
by Bekker August 14, 2008
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Verb- to print.
i.e. "to ink"

Used when something must be printed lest there be dire consequences.
Fuck i forgot to ink my scholarship essay by the deadline. Well there goes $10,000.
by McFool April 27, 2010
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in DC slang it means money. Ink refers to the dollar's ink. Also used as inked up meaning having money
That broads a gold digger. She only on my nuts cuz I stay inked up.
by yo muvva August 02, 2005
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