93 definition by mikey

A wild party girl, claims she never gets drunk but those of us who are best friends with her tend to think otherwise. Knows right from wrong, so she never gets in trouble but shes always into something. Likes to fool around with people, but its all in good fun.
Catelin Victoria loves to party
by Mikey March 11, 2005

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Short lazy form of "don't worry"
hey man cops are over there be careful
"dun worr"
by mikey May 31, 2004

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P-Van is a place were parties happen and ya-yo and mad blunts are blazed...the owner of this troy troy
remember the day wen we blew mad yay and blazed mad blunts at the light kid...-Mike
by Mikey March 15, 2004

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A squirrely young virgin (male) who often spends his days diving for oysters and gets no oral in return from his greedy but beatiful lover. Suffering from immense sexual frustration, he often relieves himself with excessive, chafing masturbation.
Hey Frieze, quit d-jackin, man. Your wang's going to fall off.

Oh man, frieze. That skank blue-balled you again, huh?
by Mikey July 11, 2003

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1. Something or someone that is off the schnizzle. 2. Outrageously bangin'.
Yo, this party is bigidy boom bangin'.
by Mikey November 15, 2004

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When you are doing a chic doggy style, you turn your head towards the camera and a double finger gun, as in the opening shots of The Love Boat.
Dude, I was hittin this chick and got the Issac in the video five times
by Mikey April 26, 2005

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When you sit your ass right on the partners nose and blast your diarrhea right up her nose.
Damn, I just noseblasted Michael Colon while having sex
by Mikey August 15, 2004

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