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Known as The Ozzman, or the Blizzard, Ozzy Osbourne as one of the creators of Heavy Metal. In the late 60s him and 3 other guys set out to make a band known as Black Sabbath(also known as the first ever Heavy metal band). Ozzy led them out of England and into much bigger places. In the mid 70s the band kicked out The Ozzman, and he had to go on his own. In 1980 he came out with his first CD, "The Blizzard of Ozz". Ever since then he has hit some high and low spots. At the moment he has a show on MTV. Ozzy Osbourne's songs > most songs.
"Ozzy Osbourne, the Godfather of Heavy Metal."
by Mikey July 9, 2003
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A symbol that represents hardcore headbangers! Also used in Nazi Germany but doesn't mean you're racist! But I Am
Hey dudes I'm wearing Death's Head, "Cool Mikey, Heil Hitler!".
by Mikey March 12, 2005
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Short lazy form of "don't worry"
hey man cops are over there be careful
"dun worr"
by Mikey May 31, 2004
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"That's a fugazi" (About a jewel, from "Donnie Brasco")
by Mikey May 5, 2003
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P1: "What does self-centered mean dude?"
P2: "Jason Dunn...you didn't know that?"
P1: "Oh yeah, that faggot...damn"
P2: "Yeah dude, he's gay..small shlong too."
by Mikey October 10, 2004
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A dick eater b some 1 who stupid and get on yo nerves
Ryan what the fuck you dick eater!!
by Mikey December 13, 2004
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