93 definitions by Mikey

a wanna be goth who was cool til betrayed Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan, and turned into a MTV whore
mansons a sellout! after mechanical animals he turned into a bitch
by Mikey March 25, 2005
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A homosexual bottom who leaves a mess after sex.
My friend nate is such a messy bottom.
by Mikey December 9, 2003
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1. Someone who has sex on the subway.
2. Someone who is turned on by the subway.
Yo, look at that faggot beside the traintracks. Hes wacken off, staring at the trains.
by Mikey July 24, 2004
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This place is so ghetto you want to bring a huge gat or you will get shot up(watch your back here huge gangsters)
by Mikey March 8, 2005
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Simply put, the antichrist of rock. Pete Townshend would be doing the world a favor if he smashed Timberlake over the side of the head with a Les Paul like he did during his days with The Who.
Hopefully one day, we can hope that he gets his as an Amway salesman.
by Mikey November 23, 2004
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Teacher: back in the 1600's
Student: Shutup bitch i dont wanna hear your kwan
by Mikey March 4, 2005
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A woman who has tanned way too many times. She now has orange skin which has a texture similar to that of a leather purse.
Check out the leather handbag behind the bar. I bet she's only 25 but she looks 45.
by Mikey December 13, 2003
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