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A man who is whipped- preferably by his wife. A man who has no moral obligations towards his friends anymore.
Naeem is so whipped, he is a total tatto.
by Wax77 December 03, 2016
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When Tord is dressed as a catto (cat) or is a catto :3
Tord loves Cattos :3
Person 1: omg is that Tord playing with a cat
Person 2: its a catto
Person 1: O...well then its a Tatto
Person 2: Yea it a Tatto
by CattosAreLife May 18, 2018
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Mildly retarded cousin of a tattoo.

Refers a tattoo that has a misspelling
Dave: Hey John look at my new tattoo of a pentagram.

John: That isn't a pentagram dumbass, a pentagram has 5 points, that has 6 points therefore it is a tatto of a Star of David.

Dave: Umm what
by MasterSandBoxer May 29, 2017
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