17 definitions by midgetsnatcher

(n); One who lives in a trash can, usually retarded or stricken with the plague; one who flails their beef curtains in the wind.
Rufus was considered to be bumtrashican by his friends after they saw him digging through the trash at krispy kreme; Suzie is bumtrashican because she likes to let her beef curtains flop in the wind for all of the boys in Fernley.
by midgetsnatcher August 18, 2003
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(v.) To look in one's locker room (generally female) and sneak a peek of the goods.
Charles decided that for his 52nd birthday, he would go into the girls locker room at the Y and sneek a peek.
by midgetsnatcher March 15, 2004
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(n.) One who is lobster-like in appearance, most likely from radiation exposure to the womb.
Jarold was screamifying to the children after he removed his elephant man cloak and snapped at them with his claws
by midgetsnatcher October 2, 2003
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(n); tool used to steal people's livers to replace their own, usually done by alcoholics.
Dirty Dave used a liver saw to snaggle Beasle's liver.
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003
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To deceive with candy and draw one into a pit. Used especially with fat children.; To shake ones fist in the air in a foolish manner.
Jimmy the hand used ensnarlment to cpature the mayor's daughter; Old man Peterson ensnarlmented his fist frivolously after the hoodlums stole his mailbox.
by midgetsnatcher August 8, 2003
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(v.) To jam ones hand into a toaster and consequently travel back in time; To bamboozle and/or thieve ones kidneys
Rufus was eaten by a T-Rex after he had a bout with the toaster and scruffletruffled; Jane scruffletruffled John's kidney, after he punched hers
by midgetsnatcher October 2, 2003
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(v): to engage in battle with a grizzly bear over a spoiled tomato; to consume one's soul.
Jorge wanted that tomato real bad, so he had to wage stabbajiggafoo on the nearby grizzly bear for it; Bobbins wanted Richie Rich's soul, so he engaged in stabbajiggafoo to get it
by midgetsnatcher August 13, 2003
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