A loving word amongst friends that holds negative meaning like idiot or asshole. Except, as stated.. loving!

Can be a prefix to any word in the english language to just call someone something that perplexes them.
"Derp Derp, I love chicken and shinto"
"Shelly, you're a flung!"

"Flungbagel. Flungsicle. Flungsandwhich. etc"
by Mr. Sean October 2, 2006
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Describes a fling that is completely over and done.
Liliana: What every happened to that young, cute bartender you were seeing.
Allie: Oh ya, that fling has flung.
by Lotusflower August 27, 2007
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To use, make use of, or apply to
Origin: When a card (credit, debit, discount, etc.) is thrown on a counter, it is said to have been 'flung'
Everytime my father went to a hotel, he always flung his AARP card down and demanded a senior rate.
I didn't have enough cash on me so i just flung my Visa and signed away my soul.
by pythonspam December 1, 2003
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to fuck or plunge ur self on some 1,
fry u just flunged on kita !
by Tazzzzzzzzzzzz! July 21, 2006
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n. A fencing technique that combines a lunge (a common offensive footwork) with a fleche (a popular pre-90s footwork that became illegal following the 1988 Seoul Olympics) in order to maximize reach and minimize time of the attack. When properly executed, a flunge can transport a fencer in a distance far greater than any normal footwork would.

The term is in wide use by English-speaking internationl community, but it has yet to be adopted by the Franco-centric authority of the sport.
Just when he thought he was out of distance, his opponent excuted a flunge. He was convinced that it was an illegal fleche, and appealed the ruling.
by Don Saltena April 6, 2006
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The verb, "to flunge" is the act of encasing one's nose in the foreskin of another person and exhaling through the nose.
Marie was shocked to discover that the entire school had learnt about her flunging experiences.

Fancy flunging me?
by Clemany Eckert Bollinick November 20, 2008
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The flunge is the wobble of flesh that protrudes between the waistband of hipster trousers and the hem of a too-short t-shirt.
Look at the flunge on her!
Don't wear that, it's a bit flungy.
by 4rthur October 17, 2004
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