Anything good, pussy, penis, boobies, weed, drugs, anything secretive.
When I called up my bitch for a booty call she gave me the goods like there was no tomorrow.
by Jeff December 30, 2005
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1. Collection of items required for some purpose, or acquired from an exchange.

2. "The right stuff" - sexual prowess/endowment.

3. See goods.
1. Hey Jimmy, you got the goods? Alright, let's get the hell outta here.

2. Dayum, that girl at the far table's sure got some nice goods.
by Tronno December 21, 2004
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a phrase that can be substituted for anything, positive or negative... usually when you feel like irritating someone, "the goods" can be substituted to such an extent that the entire point of the conversation is ambiguous.
Eric: "What did you do with her last night?"
Brian: "You know... i got the goods"
Eric: "You mean she gave you dome?"
Brian: "You know, the goods"
Eric: "What?"
Brian: "The goods!"
by The Goods June 2, 2004
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What people call a substance or thing when exchanging the substance or thing for money in an illegal manner.
by tainted December 30, 2005
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1. having something against someone.
2. a good part of someone
Josh has the goods on Sara and he'll let the whole world know soon enough.

Damn, Violet has the goods.
by Ana December 26, 2005
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Lamar Odom, starting small forward for the Miami Heat. Likes weed.
Oh shit, there's The Goods with the behind the back, between the legs windmill slam all while taking a bong hit! Damn!
by D Wade June 5, 2004
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Alex: man whatre we supposed to do tonite.
Mike: dont worry bout all that,Taylor's bringin the goods later.
by Liz December 28, 2005
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