To be extremely high on meth. To the point where the person is trying to take apart and put together working electronics/gadgets while having 6 conversations with different people at once and not accomplishing ANYTHING, generally resulting in at least 1 person getting very angry.
1)FLAIL out wit ya tail out
2)Went to the casino and FLAILED all my money off...
3)FLAILED so hard I took apart 3 different working phone chargers and turned em' into 1 fucked-up taped-up mess that don't work for shit...
4)These are the tales of our FLAILS...
by 1jiggyniggy October 17, 2012
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(new)origin, Vancouver, BC, Canada
from the word flail, to act with abandon. Has many meanings; losing something can be called flailed, running around like a chicken with your head cut off usually when high on drugs can be called flailing, someone going crazy would be called a flailer, flail would be a bunch of random stuff that a flailer has amassed. Can also refer to wasting time.
"Rob ran through the alleys digging through the dumpsters flailing the night away."
"Janna faliled her backpack in that alleyway over there!"
"Look at all those books, t-shirts and old newspapers, Devin has quite the pile of flail!"
by Crusty Flailer June 5, 2007
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v. to flail
the act of hyper speed talking about one's fandom and/or obsession. Sqeeling, clapping, gasping, obsessive behavior dizziness, speechlessness and random dancing are all symptoms.
"Alyssa was flailing over X-Files last night.. even though she was still speechless from reading a Lisa Edelstein interview."

Mr. Martinez's class room had enough 'the Office' paraphanalia in it that Caity suspected he was a flailing fanboy in his spare time.
by theonlyink September 11, 2008
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To dance with crazy arm motions which is entertaining for both the viewer and performer!
She loves to flail at the Loop on Saturdays!
by sheat November 11, 2007
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v.To conduct routine daily activities in a spastic manor often resulting in hilarity, expressed usually in degrees of Morley.
n.A common activity becomes a flail when the expected outcome is replaced with one that involves any number of clumsy events. Drugs, Alcohol, or Caffine are sometimes but not always involved in a flail. It is often in the nature of the individual performing the fail, sometimes their most defining trait.
Morley: The one to which all other flail is to be compared, the nucleus of flail. The one who can flail standind still.

"*crash* *bang* *clash* -- Morley's speakers just flew off his desk and out of his office! What a flailer."
by A.D. & T.S August 14, 2006
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n. Someone who fucks up in process of doing something productive. Usually invloves being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
v. To fuck up in the process of do something productive or that you normally could do very easily.
"What a flail, Jamebo just spilled the bongwater on himself"

"Jamebo just flailed walking up the stairs"
by BringTheNoise May 23, 2006
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1. A medieval weapon resembling a mace, consisting of a wooden, steel, or iron pole or stick for a handle, a chain or rope, and a spiked metal ball or cylinder, that was used by knights in battle.

2. An type of Egyptian whip, usually leather, with three or more tails. Flails can be seen held in the hands of pharoahs in paintings, hieroglypics, and on sarcophogi (coffins). Sometimes used in bondage play. See also cat o' nine tails.
Some people enjoy the stinging sensation of being hit with a flail.
by naughty kitten August 7, 2004
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