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The lint that gets stuck in a males foreskin, a lot like lint in someone's belly button.
"Man my Hanes gives me a lot of flint in my dick."

"Gotta clean the flint out, total fire hazard".

"Hey man if your going upstairs can you grab the flint roller for me"?
by Taintlucky January 21, 2015
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Oh fuck off flint
One of the bullies called me a flint
by Malrayën❤️🌊 September 8, 2019
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Placed in Michigan, is not a city, is a big hood. A hive of basketball players; highest % of pro basket players per person.
"I'm a thug, I'm strong: I'm a Flint-stone"
by Kike January 11, 2005
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One of America's classic Rust Belt cities, located in Eastern Michigan and north of Detroit. It has lost more jobs and more people than most other cities except for nearby Detroit. It was once home to Buick and called "Buick City," but those were the days. The city of Flint now has just one auto plant left. The loss of jobs and people has made Flint one of the most dangerous cities in the country, except for Detroit again.
Flint is a hell hole and no desent human being would EVER want to live there.
by December 3, 2007
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2nd most dangerous city in the U.S.A I live in the suburbs but go to school in the shit hole full of drugs, violence, hookas, and niggas Mayor Williamson is a fuckin faggott
"I've Been thinkin of goin up to Dort Highway to get me a hooka" Said Jason
"Stay away from flint man niggas will jack yur escalade in less than a second" Said Jordan
by Johnnny Doe November 10, 2005
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Liar. Used for someone who lies a lot or who is lying.
by billy_ray June 16, 2010
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a person that webcams with people late at night yet falls asleep and makes the other person watch him/her sleep. Comes from the Filipino root ki - a - na which means rube.
Dude you call me a creeper? Youre Flint!
by counterargument January 6, 2012
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