83 definition by kim

verb: to love someone in a friendly way, or in a non-capital-L way. it's usually said in a cute way.
I snug you!
by kim July 16, 2003

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what seems to be rather large testicals growing on a man's chestal area. or as some may call them, man boobs, or for slang, chesties.
Oh jeez, his chesticals were atleast a size c!
by Kim October 03, 2003

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man-white eggy fluid that comes out of his penis. mixture of sperm and fluids, also known as semen.

woman-sticky oozy stuff that lubricates her vagina before/during sex
man before he ejaculates "i'm gonna cum!"
woman during might just moan, but it's nothing to mention.
by kim July 13, 2003

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For a male to fuck something with his dick
"I boned, Jill last night!":
by kim November 05, 2003

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A drug that makes people see fuckass things
"jim was on acid and saw the street light blink at him"
by Kim October 16, 2003

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not a very well known abbreviation for sarcastically saying "that's a knee slapper"
often mistaken for saying 'thanks'
*hears a stupid joke*
"Oh yeah, taks"
by Kim March 28, 2004

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A wonderful place to express your concerns about life. Responses often include "no one care" or "but did you get head?"
You: I went for a wonderful walk along the beach with my girlfriend tonight

Them1: No one care.
Them2: But did you get head?
by kim September 27, 2004

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