83 definition by kim

Keesun is public prostitute of Korea.
I bought a Keesun girl by 10dollars in Seoul.
by Kim September 15, 2003

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A place where people throw pity parties.
now if you'll excuse me i have to go cry in my corner.
by Kim October 16, 2003

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A buzz you get off drugs.
"Dave liked how he felt when he was high"
by kim October 16, 2003

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An auction site on the internet, that sometimes has really weird creepy stuff.
"mary likes to bid on ebay."
by kim October 16, 2003

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fuckhead, wanker, shithead, mainly someone that pisses you off
your a ratter!
by kim August 18, 2003

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a girl who is annoying and giggles and talks like a valley girl. she says stuff such as "like Oh my god lets go to the mall" u can make the word short by using "twink"
I hate the mall, its full of twinkies

She's an annoying little twink
by Kim January 06, 2004

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Used to describe any object, person, event, fashion or situation that is unbecoming, disagreeable, unpleasant, or just plain ugly.
Laural: Dude, did you see that new Ben Affleck movie?
Neal: Ugh, it was so muffasa style.
Laural: Yeah, he looked wicked muffasa.
Neal: So muffasa.
by Kim December 08, 2003

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