84 definitions by kim

The state consisting of two seasons; winter and construction.
by kim July 9, 2004
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A place where people throw pity parties.
now if you'll excuse me i have to go cry in my corner.
by kim October 16, 2003
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DZK is the greatest rapper of all time. His lyrics are phenomenal and his flow is miraculous. His songs depict heaven in the music form. Listening to DZK is the equivalent to having sex with Carmen Electra.
I'm called the carn-iv-or-ous cause of carnage, causing
casualities, carrying crippled carcasses, casually
rabidly ripping and ravaging rancid flesh rapidly
frantically feasting faster to finish it, actually

an animal's mechanically a cannibal naturally
I'm just acting on behalf of my insanity's savagery
I can't seem to manage or handle humanity happily
it's like, Newton's apple trying to grapple with gravity
by kim February 27, 2005
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Really Crappy Brown Pot with mad seeds and stems.
My friend told me she'd get me some good shit but all she came back with was this Doo Doo Brown.
by kim April 26, 2005
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A place where poor people and white trash shop.
"We're going to hang out at wal-mart, billy bob, wanna join us?
by kim December 16, 2003
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