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Normally some dumbass school dropout who spends their time in town centres stealing 'cos it cool mate innit?' normally to sell the stuff on to get some money to buy cider.Townies hate any1 who is not exactly like them and doesnt follow their every move... )ie. punks, goths, grungers, trendies ect) Townies are normally always looking for a fight and even a slight glance will set them off. but only if theyre armed with atleast 6 friends. this can be rather amusing at times. no matter how much money they have they wil still dress like tramps in unmatching jogging bottoms.
an everyday townie argument.

townie- oi you...wat ya fukin looking at. innit
normal person- what?
u fucking startin int ya? innit.
normal person- no
innit mate. im gunna fucking sort u out. innit... just lemme go get my mates and ill beat ya up. innit.
normal person. oh fuck off i cant understand you, learn how to speak.
by kim November 7, 2004
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having more of a solid, muscular form in the thighs, butt, legs,and MUST HAVE a small, flat waist
melyssa ford is one thick female, mo'nique from the parkers is fat,fat people get the two mixed up
by kim July 8, 2004
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"Ben likes to read the times daily"
by kim October 16, 2003
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