83 definition by kim

One's Name & Phone Number. As when a male is hitting on a female, asking for her 'digits.'
"Chicks givin' me they jersey, tha's they name and numba"
by Kim February 28, 2004

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To run off and get married so you can be truthful to god and still do it..
I am going to elope with my luva Chris.
by kim November 28, 2003

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a slang for the number 2
there was dooby people there or i aint had no square in dooby days cuzz
by Kim October 10, 2003

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In forums, m'kay is the word to use when you don't want to say "fuck".
I think you should go m'kay a tree!!
by kim November 28, 2004

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Really Crappy Brown Pot with mad seeds and stems.
My friend told me she'd get me some good shit but all she came back with was this Doo Doo Brown.
by Kim April 26, 2005

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Eating asshole. Basically, tossing the salad
Julie likes to toss caesar salad with italian dressing
by Kim December 06, 2003

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