Pulling in the data. Ingesting the data so we can analyse it and make new predictions and clear up problems.
"Our team is still working on the ingestion so we can get that project done." In Slack standup meeting today.
by jmacofearth August 15, 2023
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The scientific word for a hardcore blow job, during which the female subject (or male, depending on one's lifestyle) devours the penis of the receiver due to an excess amount of orgasmic pleasure.
"Freddie, it appears your lack of genitals is a result of penial ingestion."
"What's that, doc?"
"Someone chewed your dick off. coughcoughadudecough"
"Well, at least I'll be justified in singing I Want to Break Free!"
by that1dud3 November 29, 2009
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A reason given for a failed drug screen
When called into the manager’s office and informed of his failure to pass

a random drug screen, the Staten Island ferry worker replied in a panic stricken voice
“It’s not my test, it’s not my test.”

“What do you mean it's not your test? I’m sorry but the procedures and protocols are standard and the custody chain is valid. You failed for cocaine use,” replied the manager.

“No, no I don’t use cocaine, I was blowing Ricardo the ship yard worker and I ingested it. He does cocaine, I don’t” cried the deckhand.

“Oh, so you are claiming the ingestion defense?” asked the manager.
by PEARKAY March 17, 2014
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One or many who ingest peckers on a regular basis (e.g) cock sucker - dick swallower.

One who uses the ingestion of peckers as sustenance (e.g) food
Your mother is a pecker ingester
by OTION KING October 13, 2017
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1. A play on the term "Conscientious Objector," this term refers to an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to ingest anything that is derived from an animal, on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or ethical principal.

2. Vegan
"I am a Conscientious Ingester, or vegan for short, the most hated of the vegetarians and the sect that does not ingest, wear, or stand within 300 feet of products containing anything derived from an animal, dead or alive.
by Peacekeeper13 April 8, 2011
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A depressed feeling after you have indulged in a delightful treat.
Post Ingestion Depression i.e. "I know I shouldn't have eaten that"

"Mmmm this tastes so good...a few minutes later...I'm fat why did i eat that."
by SummerGirlOO13 July 2, 2013
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