83 definition by kim

To sleep with someone.
"I'd love to bang tracy"
by Kim October 15, 2003

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umm frozen, duh! like airconditioned but colder
Since snow is satan, he should walk into hell like a bubble boy in a bubbles thats freezerated so he won't burn in hell.
by Kim March 22, 2005

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what basketball players do.
"Dribbling is part of bball!"
by kim October 16, 2003

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very large teeth (starting something with a c is a slang way of saying that something is extra large, orig. from the word cankle )
That boy's mouth is so big because of those huge ceeth.
by kim October 26, 2004

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The window of opportunity for picking up food you dropped on the ground, dusting it off and eating it.
Person 1 - Drops sandwich
Person 2: "It's still good... 5 second rule!"
by Kim July 10, 2004

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a cross between privledged and special!
Jenna is so priveial in the head area.
by Kim February 10, 2004

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A good feeling.
"Alice was so drunk she ran into walls"
by kim October 16, 2003

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