Let's throw Stacy a surprise b-day party!
by Kim November 20, 2003
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"it's my b-day wanna fuck"
"how bout a nice b-day fuck for steve"
"u kno what a good present for my b-day would be kelcie? (some pussy)"
by stephen pearce November 19, 2003
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August 23, 2006-The day of THE shit storm. The day of no more gray area. Fuck you moot.
/b/day is the day 4chan died.
by Legionnaire December 16, 2007
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A day when every spoken word should start with “B”
- Bood Borning Baby! Bappy B-day!
- ...
by Not Makar at all January 23, 2020
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The colourful celebration of the amazing Queen B's birthday!
A: It's queen B's birthday today.
B: So it's B-day?
by sailingdeveloper November 2, 2018
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A complementary Blow Job received to celebrate a man's day of birth.
"It's January 25th, bitch. You know what that means: a B-day BJ for me...fo' free"
by chesterchaps September 16, 2009
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completely forgetting someone's birthday but pretending like you didn't... but it's obvious you forgot. especially since you just wrapped up your stapler and tried to pass it off as the fab-u-lo-so gift of the year.
We pulled a b-day jip on Neil.
Dino got a jipped b-day card.
by Woody June 19, 2006
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