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A term used by gay men to describe a husky, large man with a lot of body hair.
George's sexual tastes run toward bears.
by kim February 12, 2003

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The state consisting of two seasons; winter and construction.
Nobody should live or pass through Michigan
by Kim July 08, 2004

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if they have a daughter they become extremely dangerous around the time when their daughter starts dating. THey tend to glare or attack any male within 20 feet of their daughter and then pretend it was an accident. Often times the mother will keep the father at bay when the daughters boy friend comes around. Or hopefully she will otherwise the daughter will have a boyfriend no more.
Oh shit! its my father hide.
by kim March 14, 2004

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a fat doctor who yells at fat ppl. he is also Oprah's man hore.
dr. phil"u r fat and stupid" fat person"waaaaa"
by kim January 20, 2004

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One of the best love movies that only people with no heart say is a piece of shit, but only because they know they'll never experience anything close to love because they are heartless assholes in which nobody likes.
John: Moulin Rouge is a piece of shit!
Mary: You only think that because you're a heartless asshole that no one likes!
by KIM December 31, 2004

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DZK is the greatest rapper of all time. His lyrics are phenomenal and his flow is miraculous. His songs depict heaven in the music form. Listening to DZK is the equivalent to having sex with Carmen Electra.
I'm called the carn-iv-or-ous cause of carnage, causing
casualities, carrying crippled carcasses, casually
rabidly ripping and ravaging rancid flesh rapidly
frantically feasting faster to finish it, actually

an animal's mechanically a cannibal naturally
I'm just acting on behalf of my insanity's savagery
I can't seem to manage or handle humanity happily
it's like, Newton's apple trying to grapple with gravity
by Kim February 26, 2005

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A state of mind that exists because of using an amphetamine for a prolonged amount of time through repeated ingestion. The chemical affect has reached a saturation point where reality is distorted. Mental focus and direction can not be achieved until detoxification.
Was the Cook spun when he said: " tell ya, I remember a time when I was about... I was little, I don't know... 4, 5 something like that. We had this old dog that had a litter of puppies. And I walked in the bathroom one day and my Mother was standing there, kneeling down... Dog had a litter of about 8, and my Mother was bending over killing each one of these little puppies in the bathtub. I remember I said 'why?'... She said 'Im just killing what I can't take care of' - Then my momma said to me, she looked at me and she said 'I wish I could do that to you'. - Maybe she, maybe she shoulda."
by kim April 17, 2005

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