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Mastricate doesn't mean to chew. However, masticate does.
He's really masticating the hell out of his Wanus!
by Kim April 8, 2004
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The best game where you try to knock out the people you don't like.
"When we play dodge ball today lets hit sara in the head and hopefully she'll pass out!"
by Kim October 16, 2003
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a euphemism for the nasty business that happened last night, to be used in polite company
"Hey Teej, I heard you and Pam dropped some olives last night"

"Yes, Kim, it was quite messy to clean up"
by Kim April 21, 2005
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The state consisting of two seasons; winter and construction.
by Kim July 9, 2004
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Really Crappy Brown Pot with mad seeds and stems.
My friend told me she'd get me some good shit but all she came back with was this Doo Doo Brown.
by Kim April 26, 2005
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A place where poor people and white trash shop.
"We're going to hang out at wal-mart, billy bob, wanna join us?
by Kim December 16, 2003
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there was dooby people there or i aint had no square in dooby days cuzz
by Kim October 11, 2003
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