When two people basically flirt and start feeling each other and they are just slowly getting into a relationship
Me and her are just talking talking stage
by Melissaxoxo March 16, 2017
the almost but never enough fucking annoying stage of nonexistent relationship between two people who are clearly toying each other's feelings or maybe unreciprocated love of the other to the other
talking stage is a bitch you a walking L if you're in one
by witzthehonour September 8, 2021
it basically means that two people are getting their feelings together and you guys are just trying to figure out you guys feelings and what you guys are meant for each other. During this stage, you guys may be flirting a lot but are still not into a relationship as your feelings dont fit the expectations yet. But, that feelings might come and go for each other but will still flirt with each other which can mean and turns into a waste of time but at the end both of you guys will feel very happy but not as excepted as u want to be.
“How is you telling Joe how you feel?”

Her:” really good were on the talking stage and im really happy”
by saucybabesonlyspeakfactsperiod December 31, 2020
It’s basically just a mind fuck and really a waste of time, cause most of the time it doesn’t work but when it’s does I guess it could be great, but I mean I wouldn’t know sigh*
by im_naffisah October 28, 2019
National failed talking stage day is the day we celebrate and remember all of the situationship a that wasted our time 🤭. You can celebrate by shouting out the person that wasted your time on your Instagram story or just texting them “thanks for wasting my time hoe”!!! Share and celebrate!!
“Oh it’s national failed talking stage day
“Yea gng, ykw dat mean”
“Remember dat hoe I ghosted?”
“Yup, shout her out cuh”
by Kabcoamslc October 6, 2022