83 definition by kim

A low-life from a trailor park. This type of person most likely will be seen with Circle K Feet and a Kool-Aid smile. It's also a term to describe a loose or easy female. Another name for someone who is a professional bowler with a bad combover.
Two scaliwags were arrested in the trailor park last night for stealing a 10-speed.
by Kim June 30, 2004

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A thing stupid people do that somethings kills or hurts innocent people.
"mark had a dui and got his liscense taken away"
by kim October 16, 2003

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(1)a word to descride a expansivly happy situation
(2) something random to say when one is bored

fun fact: woot, backwards/upsidedown is perpindicular line oom
seamonkeymakegreatlovers: ....and that all i have to say about that
thegiraffehaslanded: woot.......woot....wooooooooooooooooooooot
by Kim July 09, 2004

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when a girl shakes it booty on the dance floor
get low get low to the windooows to the wall
by kim May 06, 2005

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those things in mario bros. in the ocean that hump ur head.....
the headhumpers are coming! swim! swim!
by kim January 20, 2004

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The successful completion of four years of school, with passing grades. See also edumacate.
"At her high school gradumacation, Ellen whooped and hollered for joy, because she realized the joys that edumacation brings."

"After receiving C's in every high school class, Josiah was finally ready to gradumacate."
by Kim August 08, 2004

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having more of a solid, muscular form in the thighs, butt, legs,and MUST HAVE a small, flat waist
melyssa ford is one thick female, mo'nique from the parkers is fat,fat people get the two mixed up
by kim July 08, 2004

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