27 definitions by kane

An acronym for Surpise Cum On Face.
Did you scof her last night? Yea, got her right in the eye.
by kane April 5, 2004
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the cock loving mouth of a stank biatch.
"Dylan Quandt needs to shut his dirty cock hole."

"Look at the cock hole on that chick!"
by kane March 16, 2003
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Some one who is scared or doesn't like people who talk about or download porn, these people often say that it is sick and unhealthy, and that normal people like us are addicted.
chris is a Porn-a-phobic, he hates it when i talk about porn ,and how much i download
by kane September 25, 2003
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Dont be a klawchi
by kane September 1, 2003
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rolling on my penis laughing.
originated at toon love.
guy 1: *tells a joke*
everyone: stfu. lmfao is for losers.
guy 3: rompl.
tawnee: hey, that guy's kewl! lets make out!
everyone: that crazy guy 3. *rollseyes*
by kane November 30, 2004
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possibly the greatest movie of all time
that Only cool people like

the world has changed because you are made of ivory and gold , the curves of your lips rewrite history
artistic beautiful movie with a great soundtrack
by kane February 23, 2005