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Gator Advertising corperation is a bunch of fucked up motherfuckers who think it is a viable business venture to download programs to your comp without you knowing about it, then use them to download MORE programs and spy on you, and THEN sell that info to ad- companies that will send u popups and ads and even steal ur passwords and shit. FUCK GATOR. damn spyware pussies. Any good l33ts out there still, better than me, FUCK THEIR SERVERS OVER just for kicks.
I got that FUCKING precisiontime spyware shit from GATOR on my comp again, it fucked up my registry, I am SOO gonna take an acetelyne torch to their fucking server, since I cant seem to kill it any other way.
by Kane May 29, 2004
Expletive usually reserved for children attempting to avoid a stinging insect.
What...? Is that a...? Oobi! Aaaaaugggh!
by Kane December 14, 2003
A classical animated British comedy. Rex the Runt - "The Wobbly Bobbly, Wibbly Squibbly Dog" by Richard Golezsowski
by Kane April 7, 2005
the cock loving mouth of a stank biatch.
"Dylan Quandt needs to shut his dirty cock hole."

"Look at the cock hole on that chick!"
by Kane March 16, 2003
Some one who is scared or doesn't like people who talk about or download porn, these people often say that it is sick and unhealthy, and that normal people like us are addicted.
chris is a Porn-a-phobic, he hates it when i talk about porn ,and how much i download
by Kane September 25, 2003
An acronym for Surpise Cum On Face.
Did you scof her last night? Yea, got her right in the eye.
by Kane April 5, 2004