Look, you're in school. You're bored. So yeah hi there.
I busted a FAT nut and my cum went all over the place.
by I'll see you in 2031 November 19, 2020
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A salty liquid usually put in tea to add flavour or texture
:Would you like cum in your #tea

:yes please i would love some cum in my tea
by Probablydead May 24, 2020
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the white stuff that comes out of your pee pee
¨Mom! There's white stuff coming out of my peen!" "That's cum son."
by SmAlLpEeN December 3, 2018
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White substance that is used when you are having fun with someone or multiple people
her mouth reached his rock hard 8 inch cock. She licked his cock from head to base and then took it all in deepthroating until she could barely breathe. Kyle had never felt anything so good in his entire life. He pinned her down and shallow fucked her just to tease. "Come on baby, you said you wanted to fuck me, so do it! Stick it in me baby!!!!"Kyle rammed is cock in her and watched her chest bounce with every thrust. He rubbed her clit until she came all over. Hearing her scream for him made Kyle so hot and he let his massive load fill Jessica up. He pulled out and Jessica struck her fingers in her hot pussy and then to her mouth to taste his cum. She gave him head again and he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop but had to have more. They started to fuck again but Kyle had to have some of Jessica. He licked and sucked on her clit and then tongue fucked her until she came. "Baby I need to have you inside me. I can't wait anymore!" Jessica's phone rang and it was her friend Mel. Mel heard how hot Jessica sounded and rushed right over. Mel joined in and Jessica ate her out. Kyle was in awe of what was going on and started to jack off. He came all over Mel's face and then fucked Jessica in the ass. Mel and Kyle came for Jessica at the same time and Jessica felt amazing. Mel and Jessica went down on Kyle and sucked him off at the same time. The three continued making each other cum all night. They fell asleep with Mel and Jessica in 69 and Kyle's dick in Mel's ass.
by Lolo legz June 16, 2017
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