the penis of a man who loves to have anal sex

also could be used when refering to oral sex after anal sex!
Bobby fucked me in my ass last night, and i actually gave his dirty cock head, what was i thinking?
by Burn8604 April 15, 2005
a dick that smells like piss .

a dirty cock mother fucker that wants some head in cincinnati this happens to be i guess regular habbit, its very raunchy WASH your dicks
by lyssainthenati : D March 14, 2009
An old, bald whack job, who looks like the Crypt Keeper, who runs the Crossroads, Insight, Pathway and Cornerstone drug abuse programs.
This guy, Meehan, who did seminars at the rehab I was in was a dirty cock sucker. I mean, a REAL dirty cock sucker. I asked him if he would suck my dick if I cleaned it off real good. He said no.
by Good Orderly Direction April 7, 2008
Someone who uses Nigger Tactics to sneak up behind you and remove your dick and sell it on the black market.
Jon: I waz in t3h market t3h other day n some Dirty Cock Bandit stole meh Peen!!

Mark: I Live In a HUGE BUCKET!!

Jon: ....
by Co0ody January 9, 2008
When one displays signs of a sore throat, possibly as the result of giving oral pleasure to a man who may be unclean
"Dirty slag! You aint ill, just got a bit of dirty cock syndrome from sucking off the bin man!"
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
1.) A total asshole, sack of shit.
2.) One who possesses the traits of a jerk off.
3.) Emphasis on something really sucky or shitty.
1.) That prick who stole my wallet is a dirty hobo cock.

2.) Bernie Madoff is a God dam dirty hobo cock.

3.) Getting laid-off sucks. It sucks dirty hobo cock.
by Dirty, Filthy Girl April 8, 2009