Glorification of cock, with "the" added for comical benefit.
For the more record- he loves the cock!
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
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an elusive meaty organ for which many girls spend their days & nights devotedly searching, that they might extinguish the all-consuming heat of passion in their heart & soul--a yearning which begins as a twinge of desire between their legs, when luscious labia unfold unto the inner lips and clitoris and vaginal juices of pubescent longing for something deep within
As she was losing her virginity, she knew all too well that her firsttime lover was not the cock of her dreams, that he would never suffice, that she could not wait to embark upon her next great adventure; whereupon she began to devise just the plan to get his best friend alone in her room to try him out for size.
by Nod Namwen September 12, 2005
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something that clayton glassman has one inch of.
clayton looooooooooves the cock!!!
by Wesley :) October 23, 2003
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Used to describe someone or something that is awesome, fucking amazing, the shit, bitchin', narly, rad, spectacular, out of this world.
Ashley- "you're the cock!"
Brittney- "no, YOU'RE the cock man!"

"Dude, this cheese cake is the cock."
"Man, your mom is the cock!"
by Naybby-bne January 4, 2010
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1) head to head; in a competitive sense, generally reserved for male participants.

2) cockhead to cockhead; in a sexual, possibly competitive sense, reserved for males and shemales, but could be anyone with access to a cock or dildo.
1) "Hey man, I'm a little nervous, I've gotta go cock to cock with Dave later at the foosball tournament, wish me luck.."

2) "Hey man, get your cock over here and we'll go cock to cock like we were talking about earlier.
by infiniti March 14, 2008
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