"Yo did u see that 410 nigga stab that guy yesterday?"
by Unseeing October 14, 2017
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Referring to an advanced state of intoxication. The term originates from the HTTP Error Code 410, signifying "Gone."
Jody was so 410 last night!
by I AM Wolf April 22, 2009
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Baltimore's area code. Not all people here like Dru Hill, the "band" just happens to be named after a place (Druid Hill).
Baltimore is the best city with kick ass parties and rockin' clubs.
by britt November 12, 2003
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Area code for Baltimore. Where people like Dru Hill.
Yo, Im sick of this 917 lets head to the 410.
by KLmC "06" October 24, 2003
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a sawn-off shot gun with a .410 caliber designed to be concealed under a jacket
you snuck that 410 in the club? thats nice ese
by cocainecurtis September 27, 2005
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410 is a lifestyle. If you're 410, you always go the extra mile. You would run into the burning building to save the guy next to you. Fuck Skaneatles.
410 mannnnn.
by gnystars March 20, 2018
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