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Related to {ming} meaning a derogatory term used to describe an object/person/event which is deemed repulsive.
'Ewww custard on toast, thats ming village'

Did ya see that guy she snogged? He wer ming village'
by JR March 29, 2004
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When a boyfriend takes a shit at his girlfriend's house an clogs her toilet leaving her to clean it.
*boyfriend* - Whats that noise?
*girlfriend*- (opens bathroom door) What the fuck?, u clog my toilet.
*boyfriend* - (laughing really hard) got manny bombed bitch.
by JR December 03, 2004
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All them mofuckers say that texas is redneck and shit... fuck yall, yall dont no wat texas is like.we dont run round in dem cowboy boots. if u want rednecks go to louisiana or somewhere else cuz we aint no rednecks. we kick yo ass in texas. ever heard the frase "dont mess with Texas" thats cuz we tough in texas. im from dallas and dats the place to be cuz thas where all the shit goes down. Texas is by far the best state n the us.
Texas is by far the best state ever.
by jr January 06, 2005
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a device used for cooling a keg
the keg is in the kegerator
by jr November 10, 2003
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the thing you say after receiving a drink from any fast food drive threw and throw it back through the window
"Thank you. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!"
by jr November 10, 2003
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To be an ass or jerk
"Dude, that guy is such a nar"
by Jr February 05, 2005
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A hairy ass; a crew cut on your ass
Usually a mexican or a fat kid who's lazy.
Damn that nigga Manny has a case of wolf butt. It's like he can comb his ass.
by JR October 28, 2004
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