Amphetamines, (a.k.a. Speed.)
We're all sorted for E's 'n' Wizz.
by sl-EYE-ss February 5, 2003
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Yo! where's yo bathroom at?! I need to take a mad wizz.
DAMN MAN! IT feels like imma wizz my pants!
by gundamNIT January 16, 2003
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A word used when someone has said something really stupid or incorrect
(usally a person would be hit on the head and the giver will say wizz
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
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A term used by Lej and Archie to describe the completion of the entire A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics specification at a rate only achievable by wizzards.
Lej: let's wizz winnr go rogue
by sonicpng599 February 14, 2023
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a persons wife. Female that a man is married to.
I went away on vacation with my Wizz and kids.
by 974igd September 12, 2004
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Oh gosh !! have a wizz
by Leetomoto August 8, 2009
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