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All them mofuckers say that texas is redneck and shit... fuck yall, yall dont no wat texas is like.we dont run round in dem cowboy boots. if u want rednecks go to louisiana or somewhere else cuz we aint no rednecks. we kick yo ass in texas. ever heard the frase "dont mess with Texas" thats cuz we tough in texas. im from dallas and dats the place to be cuz thas where all the shit goes down. Texas is by far the best state n the us.
Texas is by far the best state ever.
by jr January 6, 2005
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A word to describe a fat, big breasted woman. To understand where it came from, just think of a hotdog seller at a game of football, they carry those trays around. Now imagine they pull their shirt over the top of that tray. Bingo, you have the square shaped breasts.
"Oh no....tray set us so much maths homework"
by jr January 29, 2005
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Friend- {knock knock} Are you doing the trouser tango, John?
John- Shut up, I'm busy!
Jane- {moans}
by jr April 10, 2005
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When you drink a litre of coke before you go to bed just so you can lie awake all night thinking about her.
"It's true love, I stayed up all night on a caffeine high thinking about her."
by jr June 24, 2005
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turds and farts spaced evenly out during a loose bowel movement
extremely funny for anyone close enough to hear it
i was pissing in the urinal and almost soaked my shoes when somebody taking a crap let loose with a solid minute of sharts!
by jr December 12, 2004
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